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I always thought I could be comfortable working in an administrative assistant role with my destination written in stone. My position came with many benefits and work that could be grasped quickly, no matter the changes in the environment. While I was grateful for what I had, I wanted so much more. I knew my potential went far beyond where I currently was or was going to be if I continued in that field. My yearning for a more challenging and fulfilling role grew stronger every day. I quickly became tired of being comfortable.

I had an epiphany the instant I started talking to individuals in the technology field. Technology is a field that is always growing, always changing, and continuously developing towards something greater. I took the opportunity to jump into something new, and I'm so happy I did. Software development calls to my passions of creativity and sense of community.

I'm a budding developer with an eagerness for knowledge and a passion for growth. I love to be involved with projects that give back to the community and working symbiotically between myself and my team. I can quickly learn new skills and programming languages and have a keen knack for problem-solving. So far, I have HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, C#, React, and Git/Github under my belt. I've started learning Vue, Agile, and Scrum and will soon venture into Angular. I'm incredibly excited about learning all that I can and broadening my perspectives.

Latest Projects

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Color Wheel

Color app that scrolls through the spectrum of colors usingHSL. Sculpted using vanilla Javascript and React; refactored into React Hooks.

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TV Guide

App that displays top-rated shows of all time. Team projecteffort; assisted with front-page display using React andJavascript.

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Work Experience

Full Stack Developer - Suncoast Developers Guild (2019)

Trained in full-stack development and produced over 25 projects while learning several languages and frameworks.

Office Support Specialist - City of Tampa (2018 - 2019)

Provided clerical support and worked directly with the Urban Forestry and Parks Maintenance divisional directors of the Parks and Recreation department.

Campus President Senior Staff Assistant - Hillsborough Community College (2015 - 2018)

Assisted and serviced the Program Directors and Campus President of HCC Dale Mabry Campus, as well as supported all students, staff, and faculty.

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